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Oral Only

Beginners oral only cycles are usually frowned upon for various reasons due to users having no well thought out structure or the required knowledge to use anabolics safely. 


Fundamentally there are a few bits of info to understand well :

  1. Any and all steroid and or SARM with exception to very few products will down regulate your natural testosterone production. Most steroids are modeled from testosterone. Such that your body an recognise these exogenous hormone derived compounds and respond by lowering your natural production. Some products like certain SARMS are more selective, have a high anabolic:androgenic ratio but still exhibit an overall suppressive effect on your natural production.
  2. Many oral compounds are 17-methylated. Great well known examples are Winstrol and Dianabol. These products have modifications to them so that they can bypass certain filtering mechanisms in your body. Nothing to worry about if you have a healthy liver and keep their use down to a short period.


We advocate for a different approach to oral beginner cycles, in that we see it as a good opportunity to assist many that will use aforementioned products anyways. So here are our recommendations with explanation :


  • Enclomiphene 12.5 (1 x pouch of 50 tabs)
  • Anavar 20 (3 x pouch of 50 tabs) 


  • Enclomiphene 12.5 (1 x pouch of 50 tabs)
  • RAD 150 10 (1 x pouch of 50 tabs) 


  • Enclomiphene 12.5 (1 x pouch of 50 tabs)
  • Turinabol 10 (4 x pouch of 50 tabs) 


Firstly you will notice BP Enclomiphene 12.5 added to each suggested cycle.

The ‘Base’ of any cycle should be to either safeguard and or elevate natural test production OR administer exogenous testosterone in high enogh amounts to be advantagous in its use.

Enclomiphene acts as this test base, it elevates and keeps your natural production elevated while it is used. It also acts as an up-regulater, in that the combined use with an anabolic or SARM will not disrupt your natural production.

The therapeutic agents recommend either Anavar, Rad150 or Turinabol.

Anavar at 60mg mild but hugely beneficial conventional steroid. Used for lean slower but very steady gains.

Rad 150 at 10mg powerful and selective modern day SARM. Ideal for a mass gainer.

Turinabol at 40mg a modified version of Dianabol, without the water retention. If you struggle to put on weight this is a good choice.

All oral cycles above are for 50 days. Generally no excessive side effects are experienced and the above is well tolerated. Please contact support if you require any further assistance.

*to be used by males only.

We do note condone the use of these products to users under the age of 20



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