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We get it, you already have your ‘guy’ or another online store to get your goods, BUT we are different. Conventional suppliers order stock daily and from multiple sources. This leads to the inevitable delay or ‘your item is out of stock’ back and forth between you and who you paid.

We buy our products upfront from our partnered suppliers having our own inventory. This way whatever you buy from juiceheads.co.za is already instock with us and ready to ship!

We buy in bulk and pay for our stock upfront. This allows us to get kickbacks from our suppliers and this is passed on to you. Some resellers might be getting these same kickbacks but pocket the extra profits, we believe in giving the best pricing to our customers.

We try to pool our buying power together with only selected brands to offer you the best pricing. We also need their support and optimal pricing to give you the best buying experience possible.

We do plan on adding more brands and are always on the lookout for trusted good quality products. Are you a representative from a respected brand? Get in contact with us at sales@juiceheads.co.za 

Industry leading service and quality products shipped ontime to our loyal customers.

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We stand behind the products we provide with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our customers agree that we give only the best service and ship your goods out in a quick turn around time.

If you don’t get the service you expected and not fully satisfied with your purchase please get in contact with our team. Your opinion matters to us.