How is the product shipped?

.Your order will be discreetly shipped in a bubble wrap envelope or box via a courier company in South Africa. A tracking number for your reference will be provided when you order is shipped for easy traceability.

How long after shipping until i receive my package?

If your item was ordered and paid for before 12h00 and funds have cleared into our accounts your order would have been shipped that sameday.

Please allow 2-3 days for the courier to get your package to you. Usually you will receive your package next day if based in a major metro areas. If you are considered by the courier to be in an outlying area allow for 2-4 working days to receive your package.

If you have not received your package within 5 working days please contact with your order number in the subject line. We will make enquiries as to the package status and provide you with an update within 24hrs.

Where are you located?

We are based in a major metro area in South Africa, this will allow your package to get to you faster. 

What Countries do you ship to?

We only ship inside South Africa. If you are from Neighbouring countries such as Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Lesotho or Namibia please contact for us to assist you. We have a few options to get you your goods.

How will I know my order has been shipped?

You will receive a tracking number via an email sent to you from to confirm your order has shipped.

My item(s) were damaged during shipping what now?

Please send an email to with your order number as the subject. Send us a description of what item(s) are damaged, please provide pictures if you can and we will contact you back with options.

How does PUDO locker shipping work?

We are currently trialing a new shipping method called PUDO locker.

Select 2PudoLocker as your shipping method either free for r500+ or normal paid for shipping.

Find your closest PUDO locker by going to the following page HERE

Fill in the name and address of the Pudo locker under the shipping details.

You will be provided with a collection code and tracking via email. Please collect your package at the locker according to the opening and closing times.

No Contact, No Fuss. No Failed delivery attempts. Collect your package when you’re ready.

How do i know the items i want are instock?

All Items listed on the store are physically instock and ready to ship. We manage our inventory carefully, if you can add the item you want to your shipping cart that means it is ready to ship.

We buy bulk from select brands only. This allows us to operate our own warehouse holding our own stock.

Firstly this allows us to ship your order out very quickly as everything needed for your order is instock with us. Unlike other websites or distributors who place orders for your items only once your order is placed. This leads to delays and potential miss matches in what you want and whats available at the supplier.

Secondly we can offer the best possible pricing by buying in larger quantities. We pass more savings on to you and cover shipping costs when buying over R500.

Do you offer discounts for larger orders?

Yes, we do offer wholesale rates for bulk orders. Please contact-us at to discuss your potential order.

The brand i want is not available?

We currently offer an Imported Lab (BodyPharm) and a well known local brand (HDLabs). We will consider adding more brands if we deem them reputable and with proven track record.

The last thing we want is unhappy customers due to substandard products. We only work with trusted brands and sources who can provide quality product and provide great pricing that we can pass on to you.

How do i use said product and what dosage should i take?

Please have a look at the product description.

We provide details on each product directly from the brand itself and what they advocate. In the event you are still uncertain you are welcome to contact us via Whatsapp (see popup or contact us page) and talk to a representative that can help guide you with your purchase. 

Why pay with Btcpay (Bitcoin)?

You stay anonymous! If you buy bitcoins in Luno,Valr or any other exchange your account is associated with your bitcoin wallet. But nobody knows where to and what for you are sending bitcoins. Our payment gateway does not require any KYC or FICA so your payment in not traceable or associated with what and where you purchase your goods. This is by far the safest and most reliable way to pay for your order.

If you pay with bitcoins we will deliver your order faster. As we get your payment immediately without any delays you can rest assured that your order will be shipped faster. Your order is automatically confirmed as paid and fast tracked for shipment.

Bitcoin is a decentralised currency. It cannot be blocked by any authority! If you pay by EFT bank transfer it is still possible to have delays in payments clearing or stopped. In this case you will need to resend your payment or wait for the EFT payment to eventually reflect in our accounts, which implies additional fees, time losses and inconvenience. With Bitcoin you won`t ever face such issues. Bitcoin transfers are always easy, fast and smooth.

Availability 24/7/365. It is the weekend ? Is there public holidays or is it afterhours at the moment? With bitcoin it does not matter. If you need to transfer bitcoins at 3 a.m. on Sunday, they will be transferred at 3 a.m. on Sunday and reflect almost immediately.

Where to buy Bitcoin?

Here are some bitcoin exchange sites we recommend:

We strongly recommend the use of your own private wallet and purchasing BTC via private dealers via

Unfortunately we cannot assist further than the above explanation, please contact a confidant that you know is familiar with cryptocurrency so that they may better assist you.

Pay via EFT to our bank account

We offer EFT payment as payment method for your orders.

Our banking details will be shared with you once EFT payment is selected and your order is successfully placed. The banking details are also mailed to you with your order summary. 

My order status still does not show 'Payment Received'

For BTC payments your order status will be updated automatically. However if you have any query or there is a problem with the payments facilitator please contact with your order number as the subject.

For EFT payments if you have paid after hours ,over the weekend or on public holidays there are often payment delays and or delays with the funds clearing in our account. We strongly recommend using the instant eft (pay and clear now) facility with your bank to not be inconvenienced by delays out of your or our control.

Should there be any other payment related problem you have encountered please contact with your order number as the subject.

What guarantee and warranty do you provide?

We fully stand behind products listed on our store and confident in our shipping methods. If you are not satisfied we will exchange or refund your product and handle the remuneration with the supplier directly.

Should you have any other product concerts please get in contact with us and we will communicate directly with the supplier, we will make sure to receive a positive outcome even if we have to pay out of our own pocket.

See our Shipping, Refund and Replacement Policy for more specific details..